Baptism Program


The Elizabeth Catholic Parish recognise that the baptism of a child into the Catholic Church is an important moment for the parents, the parish and for God.


On behalf of the parish, the Baptismal Preparation Team especially welcomes you as you think about taking these first steps to have your child fully initiated into the life of the Catholic Church and our parish of Elizabeth.


We invite you to contact us and be assured that the parish is here to support you as you continue to grow with your child and journey toward the moment of your child’s baptism.  You are not alone and there is a team of people ready to support and prepare you for the journey that will unfold.


We are delighted that you have taken this step to have your child baptised in our parish.


Enquiries for Baptismal Preparation:


Parents wishing to enquire about our Baptismal Preparation Program are invited to contact our Baptism Co-Ordinator at the Parish Office via telephone or email, go to Contact Us page for details.


Our Baptismal Preparation Team member will stay in touch for:


  • Preparation meetings

  • Welcome into the parish community

  • Baptism of child


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