Sacramental Program


The Elizabeth Catholic Parish offers a family/parish based Sacramental Program.


The Sacramental Program prepares children to celebrate:


  • Baptism

  • Confirmation

  • First Eucharist (First Holy Communion)


How will I know if my child is ready to celebrate the Sacraments?


  • As the most significant education in a faith occurs within the context of the family, the level of your child at school is not the best way to decide the right time for your child to begin preparations to celebrate the Sacraments.

  • As a general guide, children should be at least seven years old.  That is a child should have reached the “age of reason”, before they begin preparations.


Policy for the Christian Initiation of Children:


In the Archdiocese of Adelaide the policy for the Christian Initiation of Children is summarized as follows:


  • The practice of infant Baptism will continue.

  • Confirmation and First Holy Communion will normally be celebrated within the same Eucharist, according to the readiness of the children.

  • Children of catechetical age, presented for baptism, will be fully initiated with the three sacraments of initiation within the one ceremony.

  • The celebration of sacraments is not tied to any particular age or level of schooling.


Children will celebrate sacraments when they are ready to do so.  Discernment of readiness is the joint responsibility of parents, teacher/catechist and priest.




Will commence October of any given year. 

The Sacramental Preparation will commence the following February.


Enquiries for Sacramental Program


Parents wishing to enrol their children in the Sacramental Program are invited to contact the Sacramental Co-Ordinator at the Parish Office via telephone or email, go to Contact Us page for details.



Our Sacramental Co-ordinator will stay in touch for:


  • Upcoming Events

  • Celebration of Sacraments

  • Dates of Major Events


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