Vision and Mission


In the context of what is happening in our world, diocese and parish, today's contemporary Catholic parish must engage the real issues and concerns of people. Because of this, there is the need for a vibrant, courageous, confident leadership steeped in the wisdom of our Catholic tradition and focused on the mission of Jesus, to reveal God to the world and to invite all into friendship with God and each other. The Catholic parish of Elizabeth has expressed this through its parish vision, and the four dimensions of pastoral activity that promote "communion".


Statement of Vision


We have been, we are and we will continue to be a baptised community of believers. We unite with Jesus to serve the families and neighbourhoods of Elizabeth.


As a Eucharistic community we rely on the work of God to inspire us to be open to the hopes, griefs, joys and anxieties of our people, especially those in most need.


As a people of prayer we wish to join with all believers to come to a deeper appreciation of God's love.


We recognize the need to be open to new learnings, new ways, to the Spirit moving us as we become more fully aware of our baptismal call.


Hence, our Parish Vision is:  "An inclusive eucharistic community in the Catholic tradition united in Jesus reaching out to all".


We look forward to you being involved in the Elizabeth Catholic Parish.


The Parish Pastoral Team